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The marquesan flag redesigned

The meaning of the colours

Members of the cultural association MOTU HAKA created the flag on 30th decembre 1978. They chose the colours and the idea of the ​Matatiki.

  • Yellow: ​èka​​: youth and happiness
  • Red: ​kuà:​​ sacred colour ​Tapu​ for the chiefs
  • White: ​maìta/tavaìè​​: sacred colour ​Tapu​ for the priests

The ​matatiki :​ meaning the look of Tiki, the first man in marquesas mythologie. Tiki invented art, carving, and tatoo which most symbols come from his body. The sacred symbols on the chicks of the ​matatiki​ makes the look ​tapu​.

For several years, the original ​matatiki has been transformed or simplified. Towards the end of the year 2017, the elected members of the CODIM wanted a better ​matatiki​. The new matatiki was redesigned par M. Teiki HUUKENA, president of the cultural Association PATUTIKI.

Caracteristics of the flag

The Marquesan flag is a 1 m x 1.5 m rectangle composed of 4 parts, each of a different colour:

  • a yellow polygone en top;
  • a red polygone on the bottom;
  • a white triangle on the left. These 3 colours meet in the centre of the flag.
  • the ​matatiki​ inside de white triangle. This drawing sits in a dashed bleu rectangle which is invisible on the flag but is used to position it in the triangle. The dimensions of flag can change provided the ratio between the height H and the length L is kept to ​H/L = 0.67​​. The colours must also be kept on all copies of the flag. The flag can not be modified.

Download the flag in high resolution and its caracteristics (in French)