Hiva Toa – Marquesas Fisheries Project

The community of councils of the Marquesas Islands has joined forces with the Marquesan civil society and the private sector of the country to develop a fishing project in Marquesan waters. This project, the Marquesas Fisheries Project or Hiva Toa in Marquesan, will focus on the commercialization of fresh tagged tuna caught off the Marquesan Islands.

Developing the fishery sector will generate economic income by encouraging the creation of local jobs. Thus fishing households will be able to contribute to their own development. CODIM’s missions will be to accompany targeted beneficiaries by providing them with new skills opportunities and supplying new local, national, regional and international markets.

The details and description of the project as well as the major structuring facilities and island support structures, public-private partnership or collaboration, and CODIM strategic plans and civil society are outlined in Hiva Toa – Marquesas Fisheries Project – 2017-2025.


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