The President’s welcoming words

Felix_Barsinas_president_CODIM_2014_2020Kaoha nui, Hi

On behalf of the delegates of the Community Council and myself, I welcome you on the website of the Community of Communes of the Marquesas Islands (CODIM).

Being the President of this community of communes is an honor for me, as well as representing the population of our archipelago and carrying the voice of all my elected colleagues. Together, we have chosen to turn to the creation of a digital platform to modernize our communication system and publish every stage of our development projects.

Indeed, the economic development plan of the Marquesas Islands (PDEM) projected over 15 years has already been the subject of several studies and the time has come to begin its implementation phase. Developing, Designing, Preserving, Communicating are the 4 key themes on which this development plan is based. It illustrates a viable development to open up our islands to the world and a sustainable development for our children.

As the first community of councils of French Polynesia, the authorities of French Polynesia and France are already collaborating in the organization of our projects through their presence in all the steering committees. At present, the priority of our agreements, in order to enter the action phase, is based on a progressive statutory evolution in three points:

  • The amendment of the statutory organic law of French Polynesia
  • The passing of a local law providing for the delegation of powers to the CODIM
  • The amendment of the status of CODIM

Moreover, the insularity of our 6 municipalities reflects the specific character of this community of municipalities, with regard to the space of metropolitan communities. Beyond the sea, our group of councils defines territorial continuity by a cultural identity that is very much generated by the daily practice of the Marquesan language by a majority of its inhabitants and, on the other hand, the perpetuation of artistic traditions in songs, dances, sculptures and tattoos.

At the same time, the development of our maritime and air space is essential to make our archipelago attractive in order to stimulate innovative professional activities. Thus, inter-island transport projects are part of this desire to create internal and external migration flows to contribute to the growth of enterprises and jobs.

Finally, I am conscious of the magnitude of the economic stakes that this sustainable development demands, but I am also anxious to realize a reasoned development so that the natural resources of our islands are preserved and passed on to the future generation. The example of the Marine Educational Areas (MEA) and Marine Protected Areas (MPA) or the inscription of the Marquesas island in the UNESCO’s world heritage, joins this awareness of protecting the fauna and flora of the ocean and of Our islands.

To conclude, I invite you through this website, to discover the communal and cultural life of the islands and the major events of the archipelago. Also follow the progress of the projects and for any bearer of projects, consult the economic development plan of the Marquesas Islands online.

Enjoy the website…