UNESCO: 1st phase: Presentation of the « Marquesas Islands » project before the National Center of French Heritage, April 10th 2018


Félix BARSINAS, president of the CODIM has presented with a team of the ministry of culture and environnement, the « Marquesas islands » project before the National Centre of French Heritage on April 10th 2018. The project proposes 9 sites to be listed as French heritage before this project can be presented before the UNESCO committee.

The 9 selected sites from the original 43 selected in 2013 are:

  • The island of Hatutu and its maritime zone in Hatuta’a, north of Nuku Hiva;
  • Hatiheu in Nuku Hiva
  • Paeke in Nuku Hiva
  • and a vast natural area south-west in Nuku Hiva ;
  • The spiky mountains in Ua Pou, its valley Haka’oohoka and the bay of Hoho’i,
  • Motu Oa, south of Ua Pou;
  • Paepae Menaha in Ua Pou;
  • Me’ae of lipona and the valley of Puamau in Hiva Oa;
  • Hanavave, mounts Tou-aouoho and Mounani, and the cliffs of Omoa in Fatu Hiva.

All 9 selected sites and those not selected are all exceptional.

Follow the outcome of the Marquesas-UNESCO project on our media space (in French)